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About Scott

The less brief introduction

I was born in Colorado and raised in Texas. After receiving my BA in English in 2001 from the University of North Texas, I joined the Peace Corps as an English Language Teacher Trainer, working for the District Education Office in Birganj, Parsa District, Nepal.

In Nepal, I taught primary-level English for one year and then spent a second year training teachers. I wrote extensively about it on my first blog, The Peace Corps Experience of Scott Allan Wallick. Towards the end of my service, the security situation in Nepal deteriorated; at the request of the main Peace Corps office, I suspended my blog due to “security concerns.”

After my Peace Corps service ended, I went to Darjeeling, India, with Binita and stayed with her family for about half a year. It was a great life. I would have some breakfast and a coffee, go for a walk, hang out with the family, take some photos, read the paper, etc.

We came to the U.S. and settled in New York. I began teaching ESL in Jackson Heights after being in the city for ten days. I taught to the melting pot I had learned about in school. Teaching a melting pot, by the way, is rather difficult—fun but complicated.

I left teaching after four months to work as an editor of ESL materials for Oxford University Press in Manhattan. I first worked in production, i.e., editing manuscripts and approving proofs, but later became more involved in development.

Then I accepted a new challenge: medical publishing for the nonprofit Cardiovascular Research Foundation’s Center for Education. I edited marketing content, course syllabi, technical materials, etc., for effectiveness and accuracy—difficult tasks for a demanding audience.

Now I manage communications for the Division of Student Affairs at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. I get to work with partners across the University and advocate for students’ information needs. I love it, especially getting to work with experienced professionals as well as students.

A few things I do

Hobbies, passions, just what I enjoy.


I dwell on words and their meanings, sentences and their structures. More on my professional background in my resume.


It offers me a way to share my view of what I experience. If you like, you can see some of my photographs.


I am a user and contributor; I co-authored the post_class function, introduced in version 2.7.

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