Scott Wallick

An editor making corrections.


A brief introduction.

I grew up on the High Plains of Texas, completed my B.A. in English (technical writing and editing), and then served as a teacher trainer with the Peace Corps in Nepal.

I left teaching to become an editor at Oxford University Press for ESL college textbooks. I first worked in production and later became involved in acquisitions and development.

Now I manage student communications for the Division of Student Affairs at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. I get to work with partners across the University and advocate for students’ information needs. It’s great.

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Peace Corps Nepal

An English language teacher trainer.

I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal from February 2002 to April 2004. Most days it was exciting; others, however, . . .

I served as an English Langauge Teacher Trainer in Birgunj, Parsa District, teaching primary-level English for one year and then spending the second training teachers.

I wrote about my experiences in my Peace Corps blog. During my service, the security situation in Nepal deteriorated; while I complete my service in April 2004, Peace Corps suspended its program that September.


I like making them.

I like making photographs as much as compiling some 'final' body of work. The process interests me more than its results.

I completed coursework at the International Center of Photography, and my photographs have been published by Random House, Southern Methodist University, and JPG Magazine.


Currently I manage the strategy and day-to-day operations for all student communications across all of St. John’s University’s global campuses.

I have over 10 years of experience communicating with diverse audiences and with content development and project management.